Aube is an imprint label of the Swiss electronic duo Effemar. However, the concept was inspired by gamara - the project of one of the producers. gamara connects art with music by creating a binaural experience with his acrylic paintings. That artistic approach became the basis of the general label design.
Each acrylic painting of gamara represents his release, so each track cover and its visual assets are based on a painting which is given away after release. This way, music and art exist as one and become real to those interacting with it.
Gamara’s art had its impact on Effemar’s visual part as well. However, here the purpose is to showcase each track individually and the duo standing behind it. Dark silhouettes, transparent acrylic lines and the pictures actually taken by the artists - this way we have been successfully developing a boutique music act.
Some of the dynamic content was created together with artists. This way, we used videos filmed with a drone to create lyric videos and got inspiration from a picture of a desert brought by one of the artists.