R3hab’s imprint record label CYB3RPVNK demanded a thorough approach - the final image had to look premium. The inspiration for this one was Tokyo's dark neon vibe and the chosen trio of colours seemed just perfect.
For each label’s artist, we developed a separate branding still closely related to the core one. To one of the residents - Cityzen - we approached from an unexpected angle. This had to be an incognito artist with a catchy history behind their name, so we created a story of an interdimensional traveller without permanent citizenship and experience of different locations and timelines. We found our inspiration in the old Soviet futuristic atmosphere and united it with the cosmic character.
We went even further when started sketching the artist’s character and discovered an element that became a part of his actual wardrobe at live performances. The glasses represented his ability to see through history and time and were not just sketched and used all over the artworks and dynamic assets, but were created in real life so that the artist could put them on while playing live.
One of Spotify's most-streamed EDM artists and the person standing behind the label - R3hab - has been as well taken care of. The whole branding package including artworks, static and dynamic assets, lyric videos and music video editing, was created from scratch by our team.
Our team also creates additional visual content based on the artwork or edits the music videos based on their plot and idea. Over the years of the label’s work, we general numerous videos that collected millions of views and are recognised these days.